Inter-University Diploma (IUD) of Myology - France

In partnership, the University of Pierre and Marie Curie – Paris VI (Pitie-Salpetriere UFR) and the AFM created a university training course which was started with the opening of the Institute of Myology in 1996. The progress of research, updating of concepts and evolution of its patient management have made neuromuscular pathology a distinct field of medicine. The IUD of Myology is unique in France. It is open to all French or foreign students wishing to know more about neuromuscular pathologies.


Paris: Prof Bruno Eymard

Marseille: Prof Jean Pouget and Prof Jean-Francois Pellissier

With the participation of Prof Jeanine Koenig, Emeritus Professor, Bordeaux II and Prof Michel Fardeau, former Medical and Scientific Director of the Institute of Myology.


The objective of the course is to give participants a modern, coherent and structured overview of neuromuscular pathology – its anatomo-physiological bases, clinical practice, further examinations and developments in terms of research. In this context, an introduction to fundamental biology is given : cell biology (J. Koenig), molecular biology (P. Richard), genetic (D. Heron), as well as clinical neuromuscular pathology bases (B. Eymard)

12 Apr 2017