Developing a core curriculum for a European neuromuscular fellowship

Developing a core curriculum for a European neuromuscular fellowship
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Background to the initiative

In order to work towards the establishment of a standardized baseline level of specialist training in neuromuscular disorders across Europe, Professor Mary Reilly has been leading an initiative on behalf of TREAT-NMD to develop a broad description of a neuromuscular fellowship program. The curriculum description does not define in detail the content or timetable for the fellowship program but rather sets ground rules any such program should meet, especially in relation to the type of person the fellowship is aimed at and the requirements that the trainers and the training institutions should meet.

The working group, administratively assisted by ENMC and consisting of Mary Reilly (Institute of Neurology, London), Marianne de Visser (Amsterdam), Anna Ambrosini (Telethon Italy) and Katelijne Senden (ENMC), has defined the basic requirements of the curriculum and is working on its implementation across Europe. The group has borne in mind that different countries will have different approaches and requirements for the establishment of such a fellowship program. They are also aware that not everyone will want to do a generalised neuromuscular fellowship and some may want to do very specialised fellowships within neuromuscular diseases, which is also encouraged.

Current steps

The group is currently:

  • working towards UEMS approval as a 'particular qualification' and eventually getting the programme accepted by the EFNS.
  • identifying appropriate contacts in each country who will be happy to take this initiative forward in their country. The responsibility of these key national contacts is to get the fellowship programme approved by the appropriate body in their country.
  • creating a database of existing neuromuscular fellowships in Europe, including fellowships that cover more highly specialised areas of NMDs, and including both fellowships which have funding attached and also fellowships which have no funding

Further information can be obtained from Mary Reilly, who would be very interested in hearing from colleagues across Europe and further afield who are interested in this initiative.

12 Apr 2017