Call for expert trainers

Call for expert trainers
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As part of their training and education activity within TREAT-NMD, the ENMC are requesting contacts from experienced clinicians and scientists able to deliver training on topics ranging from diagnostics to physiotherapy to care standards.

One of the training and education aims in the TREAT-NMD project is to offer training to various audiences in Central and Eastern European countries (CEE countries). Two training courses were organised in 2009 (the first one on standards of care which was held in Budapest, Hungary and the second one on clinical trials readiness in Belgrade, Serbia). Both of these were perceived by the participants (clinicans, geneticists, parents, patient organisations) in a very positive manner.

We are developing a panel of expert trainers capable of delivering training lectures on the specialist topics below and would welcome contacts from anyone who would be interested in sharing their expertise.

  • Diagnosis
  • Outcome measures
  • SMA basic care
  • DMD basic care
  • Registries
  • Use of muscle biopsies
  • Analyses of muscle biopsies
  • Cardiac management
  • Pulmonary management
  • Rehabilitation

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12 Apr 2017