Russian Spring School of Myology

Russian Spring School of Myology
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  • J. Andoni Urtizberea
    J. Andoni Urtizberea
    Dr Jon Andoni Urtizberea is head of the internationally renowned Paris Summer School of Myology...

The Russian Spring School of Myology is a new venture facilitated by TREAT-NMD and the ENMC under the clinical direction of Dr Andoni Urtizberea (Paris summer school) and Dr Ros Quinlivan (London) and in collaboration with Russian clinicians and patient organizations.

The principle behind the four-day Spring School, which was launched in 2010 and will rotate between different cities, is to initiate a training course in the style of the myology summer schools that are held in every year in London and Paris and not only provide updates on different aspects of myology but also encourage networking and communication between different muscle centres and disciplines, both within Russia and between Russia and other countries.

Presentations are given by expert clinicians from Russia and abroad, in Russian or English with simultaneous translation. A particular feature of the course is the case study element, where doctors present cases with a patient attending the course in person, followed by discussion that allows the experts to share their knowledge and experience.

12 Apr 2017