Paris Summer School of Myology

Paris Summer School of Myology
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  • J. Andoni Urtizberea
    J. Andoni Urtizberea
    Dr Jon Andoni Urtizberea is head of the internationally renowned Paris Summer School of Myology...

In June each year, the Institute of Myology in Paris offers a condensed 10-day course in myology known as the Summer School of Myology. The course is open to foreign students from across the world, with special attention to those from the French Overseas Territories (DOM-TOM) and developing countries.

The course covers most aspects of myology, from basic science to cutting-edge therapies and clinical and genetic approaches to muscle disease. It is taught in English and consists of an intensive series of lectures and interactive workshops. Since its inception in 1998, over 400 students from 55 countries have received specialist myology training at this unique and highly regarded event.

A recent development is the development of a basic science complement to the clinical course as part of the MyoGrad program, a joint initiative between the Institut de Myologie in Paris and the Charité and MaxDelbrueck Center for Molecular Medicine in Berlin as the first Research Training Group for Myology.

The course can therefore be taken in two parts:

Part I: Basic muscle sciences in Berlin
Part II: Clinical myology in Paris

The two parts have been closely coordinated and complement each other. They are of relevance to interested graduate students in related programs, medical students, postdocs and clinicians.

12 Apr 2017