Corticosteroid side effects

DuchennE muscular dystrophy: Investigating Corticosteroid Adverse Effects (DEDICAtE) study

Dr Hawcutt
University of Liverpool, UK

July 2018

This is a proposal from Dr Hawcutt and colleagues to carry out a study to investigate which side/adverse effects of corticosteroids should be prioritised for investigation. Strengths of the proposal include the fact there is little information currently on some adverse effects such as adrenal suppression (AS) or an understanding of cortisol levels in the Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) population. The committee felt that it was important to establish whether the study would have impact on the management of AS in patients.

The TACT review makes several recommendations including a pilot study and to approach other DMD expert groups working on the impact of steroids to share data.

17 Dec 2018