Lay clinical trial resource

Lay clinical trial resource

The Muscular Dystrophy Campaign has officially launched a database of clinical trials for neuromuscular conditions. This resource contains summaries of clinical trials currently in progress worldwide, written in a language intended specifically for a 'lay' audience.

Available via the charity’s website, the database aims to help patients keep their finger on the pulse of the potential treatments being trialled and of any projects recruiting participants. Clinical studies such as those documenting the natural history of conditions or devising outcome measures are also included on the website.

The summaries were written by a team of volunteer young scientists from around the UK, and edited by research team at the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign. Over a hundred lay summaries of clinical trials covering 27 different neuromuscular conditions are available to view, with filters allowing patients to search by condition and location of the trial. Summaries of each trial provide the reader with an explanation of its aims, its potential benefits to patients, who can take part and how to get involved.

The resource will be continually updated and researchers planning clinical studies are urged to contact the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign if they would like their trial included on the website.

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12 Apr 2017