Cure SMA

Cure SMA

Cure SMA, previously known as Families of SMA, was started by a small group of parents in 1984. They wanted to raise funds for SMA research to cure the disease, and support all affected families.  Back then, very little was known about Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Very little research was being conducted.  No one knew the cause of the disease let alone how to find a treatment and a cure.  Patients and families affected by SMA were on their own and had little hope.

Today, the organisation has a different story to tell. Cure SMA has created hope for the SMA community that did not exist in 1984.  They have raised and funded over $50 million for SMA research. Thier support comes from generous individual donations and numerous fundraising events held by volunteer families and chapters.

925 Busse Road
Elk Grove Village, IL
United States of America



Jill Jarecki Jill Jarecki

Jill is the Chief Scientific Officer at Cure SMA (formerly Families of SMA), and she has worked there since 2005. In this capacity, she has overseen over 40 million in SMA research investments, including in basic research, preclinical drug development, clinical research, and regulatory work.

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