7th Translational Meeting of the Reference Center of Limoges: "The axon"

13 Jun 2019

Institut de myologie - Paris, France


9h00–9h05 Welcome / J-Michel Vallat, Limoges

9h05–9h30 Introduction / J-Michel Vallat, Laurent Magy, Limoges

Morning session: understanding axon functioning, maintenance and regeneration

9h30–10h00 Proximal axonal area / Christophe Leterrier, Marseille

10h00-10h30 Axon fate after traumatic injury: from the fundamental to preclinical studies / Fathia Nothias, Paris

10h30-11h00 Modulating chromatin-remodeling enzymes functions to improve axonal regeneration / Claire Jacob, Switzerland

COFFEE BREAK 11h00-11h30

11h30-12h00 The electrophysiology of axonopathies: not just axonal
degeneration / Antonino Uncini, Italy

12h00-12h30 Addict to lactate: the metabolic perfusion of axons is critical for
their function and maintenance / Nicolas Tricaud, Montpellier

12h30-13h00 ROUND TABLE / Laurent Magy

BUFFET 13H00-14h00

Afternoon session: primary and secondary axonal injury in neurological disorders

14h00-14h30 Does Chronic Inflammatory Axonal Neuropathy exist? / Thierry
Maisonobe, Paris

14h30-15h00 Mechanisms of axonal lesions in axonal Charcot-Marie-Tooth /
Shahram Attarian, Marseille

15h00-15h30 Axonal mitochondrial response to demyelination: a therapeutic
target / Don Mahad, United Kingdom

15h30-16h00 Exploring axon loss and demyelination by imaging techniques in multiple sclerosis / Bruno Stankoff, Paris
CONCLUSIONS / Laurent Magy

For more information please contact: crm.n@chu-limoges.fr