Animal model choice for DMD

Animal model choice for DMD

The currently used mammalian models for DMD include several mice strains, two dog models and one cat model. The characteristics of each phenotype and pathology have been analyzed and compared in detail. The main features that were considered are:

  • genetic and pathological similarity to the human disease
  • availability of data on the animal pathology
  • accessibility and costs for the maintenance of the colonies

A manuscript was circulated among several experts for their suggestions resulting in a consensus opinion that the most appropriate model to test drug efficacy for DMD are the mdx mouse and the golden retriever muscular dystrophy (GRMD) dog model.  The GRMD was included as preferred model for specific experimental questions such as the administration of viral vectors, and the use of stem cells and for tests to assess supportive therapy.

The original manuscript is published in Neuromuscular Disorders, Vol. 19 (2009), pages 241-249 and is available for download here.

12 Apr 2017