Volker Straub

Professor of Neuromuscular Genetics

Newcastle University

Position in Secretariat - Secretariat
Volker Straub

Professor Volker Straub is joint co-ordinator of TREAT-NMD, executive board member of the World Muscle Society and executive board member of the Institute of Human Genetics at Newcastle University.  Together with Hanns Lochmüller, Volker was responsible for setting up the German muscular dystrophy network, MD-NET, of which he was joint coordinator until 2008. Within the neuromuscular research group at Newcastle, Volker has a long-standing interest in the pathogenesis of muscular dystrophies, with research using zebrafish and mouse models.  His current research also involves the application of contrast enhanced MRI.

The Harold Macmillan Chair of Medicine
Institute of Genetic Medicine
University of Newcastle upon Tyne
International Centre for Life
Central Parkway
Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom

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