Mike Pleiss

Pharmaceutical Research and Development Executive

Mike Pleiss and Associates, LLC

Position in Extended Committee - Pharmacology Expert
Mike Pleiss

Mike was part of several project teams (and head of the multiple sclerosis (MS) / autoimmune effort) that resulted in several first-in-class therapeutics for Alzheimer’s (AD), MS and other autoimmune diseases.  He was VP of global chemistry and drug metabolism & pharmacokinetics (DMPK) and supervised over 60 FTEs. He played critical roles in all aspects of drug design and development through Phase I.

Mike left Elan in September 2005 and began consulting in all aspects of drug design and development. The majority of his clients have been foundations, many working in the neurodegeneration field including the SMA Foundation and the Myelin Repair Foundation (MRF). Mike serves as the chairman of the MRF Drug Discovery Advisory Group whose efforts mirror those of the TACT committee. He is  also working closely with several research groups at the Gladstone Institute on novel approaches for AD, MS and Huntington’s disease, the majority of this effort is directed at repositioning of current therapeutics for these indications.