Meg Winberg

Independent consultant

based in the USA

Position in Extended Committee - Preclinical Expert
Meg Winberg

In Meg’s former capacity as Director, Discovery Research at the Spinal Muscular Atrophy Foundation she has driven and overseen the Foundation’s efforts in the development and execution of new cell-based assays and drug screens and implementation of standardized drug testing in a mouse model of SMA.

In addition she has worked closely with the mouse transgenics team at Regeneron, Inc, in creating new allelic series and conditional rescue mouse models for SMA, which are now being characterized.

Through the SMA Foundation grants program she has worked with multiple investigators in both testing therapeutic candidates and in developing specific new mouse strains for testing therapeutic hypotheses.  She has had extensive exposure to a wide variety of cellular and animal models, plus small molecule and biologic therapeutic candidates, for SMA and related conditions.