John McCall

President, PharMac LLC

PharMac LLC

Position in Extended Committee - Toxicology Expert
John McCall

John McCall received his PhD at Wiscons and completed a postdoc at Harvard.  During his career, he has worked with different acute and chronic neurologic disorders, psychiatric diseases, neuromuscular disease, cardiovascular disease, inflammatory disease, and oncology.

McCall was Director of CNS Research with Upjohn.  He was Vice President and Global Head of Chemistry for Upjohn, PNU,  Pharmacia&Upjohn and was Vice President of Research with Pfizer.  In 2004, he started his own consulting and research company.  He focuses on less prevalent diseases,  particularly Duchenne, SMA, Rett, and PKDk.   He serves on nine administrative and scientific advisory boards and consults.  In 2009, he co-founded Reveragen (a company that is targeting new therapies for muscular dystrophy).

His Board and Scientific Advisory Board positions include NIH Blueprint, NIH NeuroNEXT, Rodin, Quartet, IRSF Foundation, Psychogenics, Beryllium,  Nimbus, Lycera, CINRG, Reaction Biology,  and ReveraGen Biopharma. He holds 65  US patents and has 78 refereed publications.

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