Jill Jarecki

Research Director

Cure SMA

Position in Extended Committee - Preclinical Expert
Jill Jarecki

Jill is the Chief Scientific Officer at Cure SMA (formerly Families of SMA), and she has worked there since 2005. In this capacity, she has overseen over 40 million in SMA research investments, including in basic research, preclinical drug development, clinical research, and regulatory work.  In the area of preclinical drug development, Jill specifically managed a scientific project team for a Cure SM owned drug program, through a pre-IND meeting at the FDA, through designation of orphan disease status from the Orphan Products Office of the FDA, and finally through successful out-licensing of the program for clinical development to several industry partners. Prior to working at FSMA, Jill spent 5 years working in the biotech industry, where she led project teams developing HTS assays, conducting high-throughput screens, and validating the bioactivity of small molecules in disease relevant assays. In this capacity she has worked on a SMA drug program, as well as several cancer-focused projects.

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