Hermien Kan

Associate Professor

Leiden University Medical Center

Dr. Hermien E. Kan is staff member of the C.J. Gorter Center for high field MRI at the Leiden Universtiy Medical Center, where her main focus is on quantitiatve MR muscle and brain in Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophy and high field muscle MR spectroscopy.
She started her research into MR methods of skeletal muscle in patients with factioscapulohumeral dystrophy, by performing MR imaging and phosphorous MRS to study muscle specific disease progression together with Prof. G. Padberg and prof. A. Heerschap. She then moved to the LUMC to work on DMD and BMD. She was a member of the TREAT-NMD network of excellence MRI working group and is a member of the scientific advisory board of the Prinses Beatrix Spierfonds. Her current research is funded by grants from NWO - Vidi, the Gratama Stichting, the Duchenne Parent Project, the Associacion Francaise de Myology and the EU. She is workpackage leader on the FP7 EU project BIOIMAGE_NMD and the COST action: \' Applications of MR imaging and spectroscopy techniques in neuromuscular disease: collaboration on outcome measures and pattern recognition for diagnostics and therapy development\'. In 2016, she was awarded a NWO Vidi grant. In this project, she will study why certain muscles are spared in muscular dystrophies.

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Website www.cjgortercenter.nl