TREAT-NMD Alliance Chair

  • Executive Committee Chair
  • Janbernd Kirschner
    Janbernd Kirschner
    Jan Kirschner (Professor of Pediatric Neurology) is chair of the TREAT-NMD executive committee since 2018....

Janbernd Kirschner is the now the present Chair of the TREAT-NMD Alliance Executive Committee.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Kevin Flanigan for all the great work undertook as the previous chair of the Alliance.

Thanks also goes to Hanns Lochmüller for his excellent work in being the very first Alliance Chair and shaping the TREAT-NMD Alliance. Since our FP6 EU funding came to an end the network developed a new governance structure via the newly constituted TREAT-NMD Alliance consisting of an elected 13-member Executive Committee, a new charter and a highly successful new membership scheme.

Former Chair Annemieke Aartsma-Rus commented that ‘“these are exciting times, we are learning a lot from ongoing and completed trials and we continue to be committed to move the neuromuscular field forward”.

21 Jan 2019