Governing Board

Governing Board Members

Between 2007 and 2011 the TREAT-NMD Governing Board was the official management body whilst the network benefitted from its original EU funding. Responsible for network-wide decision making the board consisted of one representative from each partner organisation and met twice a year.

The Governing Board was supported by the following Advisory Bodies:

  • Scientific and Technological Advisory Council (STAC)
  • Intellectual Property Use and Dissemination Committee (IPUDC)
  • Industrial Liaison Council (ILC)
  • Project Ethics Council (PEC)


Annemieke Aartsma-Rus Annemieke Aartsma-Rus

Professor - Leiden University Medical Center

Dr. Annemieke Aartsma-Rus is associate professor at the Department of Human Genetics and leader of the DMD genetic therapy group. She is currently Chair of the executive committee of the TREAT-NMD alliance and is a member of the Project Ethics Council and TACT Committee.

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Anna Ambrosini Anna Ambrosini

Research Program Manager - Fondazione Telethon

Anna Ambrosini (PhD in Pharmacology and Toxicology): 15 years experience in research laboratories active in the field of neuroscience. Since 2001 is Research Program Manager for the Italian Fondazione Telethon, where, in particular, she is responsible for developing programs in the field of inherited neuromuscular diseases.

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Muriel Audit Muriel Audit

Study Director - GenoSafe

Holder of a PhD in Biology from the Montpellier II University, Muriel takes the position of Analytical Methods Development Manager at Genethon in 1999. She mainly focuses her work on control methods of gene therapy trials with viral vectors, specifically biosafety tests used in the frame of the first European gene therapy trial with an HIV derived vector.


Christophe Béroud Christophe Béroud

Assistant Professor - INSERM

Christophe Béroud (PharmD, PhD): has 22 years experience in research laboratories and is an expert in bioinformatics (LSDBs) and molecular biology (diagnostic of DMC).

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Fabrizia Bignami Fabrizia Bignami

Therapeutic Development Director - EURORDIS

Dr Fabrizia Bignami has worked as Therapeutic Development Director at Eurordis since 2002. As such, she has been the administrative coordinator of the EuroBioBank network.

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Serge Braun Serge Braun

Scientific Director - Association Française contre les Myopathies - AFM

Serge Braun PharmD, PhD has 20 years of experience devoted to neuromuscular diseases in both academic and private laboratories, together with specific expertise in R&D in gene, cell and pharmacology therapies.

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Kate Bushby Kate Bushby

Professor of Neuromuscular Genetics - Newcastle University

Professor Kate Bushby has overseen the expansion of the Newcastle Muscle Centre since 1999 to its position today as a leading international neuromuscular centre. Together with Volker Straub, Katie is joint coordinator of the TREAT-NMD network.

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Miguel Chillón Miguel Chillón

ICREA Research Professor - Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona - UAB

Miguel is an ICREA Research Professor Center of Animal Biotechnology and Gene Therapy (CBATEG) at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB) since 2001, and the scientific representative of the UAB in the TREAT-NMD governing-board.

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Loic Courtot

Consultant - Novamen

Loïc is a consultant at NOVAMEN and a Coordinator of Business Development. At operational level, his objectives are to assure and transfer NOVAMEN knowledge and know-how in research project setting-up and management. Loïc assists our clients in defining and implementing their research projects funding strategy.

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Kay  Davies Kay Davies

Honorary Director, MRC Functional Genomics Unit., Head of Department. Co-Director, Oxford Centre of Gene Function - The Medical Research Council - MRC

Kay Davies’ research concerns the understanding of muscular dystrophy, particularly Duchenne muscular dystrophy and neurodegenerative diseases such as motor neuron disease and ataxia.

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Richard Hughes Richard Hughes

Visiting Professor of Neurology - University College London

Richard Hughes has retired after 30 years practice as consultant neurologist at Guy’s Hospital. He was the founding co-ordinating editor of the Cochrane Neuromuscular Disease Group and continues to serve on its editorial board. He serves on the Board of the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign.

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Veronika Karcagi Veronika Karcagi

Head of Department of Molecular Genetics and Diagnostics - Semmelweis University

Dr. Veronika Karcagi, PhD is Head of Department of Molecular Genetics and Diagnostics at the National Institute of Environmental Health in Budapest. She graduated as a biologist MSc. at the Eötvös Lorand University, Budapest in 1975.

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Rudolf Korinthenberg Rudolf Korinthenberg

Director, Neuropediatrics and Muscular Disorders - University Medical Center Freiburg

Prof. Rudolf Korinthenberg, MD is head of the Department of Neuropediatrics and Muscular Disorders at Children’s Hospital, University Hospital Freiburg. He received his pediatric and neuropediatric training at University Hospital Münster/Westfalia and holds his actual position since 1990.

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Thomas Meier Thomas Meier

Chief Scientific Officer - Santhera Pharmaceuticals

Thomas Meier has been Chief Scientific Officer since 2004. He was founder and CEO of MyoContract, one of Santhera’s predecessor companies. Mr Meier holds a PhD in biology from the University of Basel.

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Francesco Muntoni Francesco Muntoni

Director of The Dubowitz Neuromuscular Centre - University College London

Francesco Muntoni (Professor in Pediatric Neurology, FRCPCH, FMedSci): Director of the Unit with oversight of both clinical and research activities. Key National and International contacts; 230 publications.

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Michael Rose Michael Rose

Consultant Neurologist - Kings College London

Michael Rose (PhD, FRCP) : Editor Cochrane Neuromuscular Disease Group. More than 50 original articles in journals. Systematic review writer and outcome measurement expert.

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Markus A. Rüegg Markus A. Rüegg

Professor of Neurobiology - Biozentrum / University of Basel

Prof. Markus A. Rüegg has a track record as researcher in basic research addressing the development and function of the neuromuscular junction and mechanisms of neuromuscular diseases.

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Thomas Sejersen Thomas Sejersen

Associate Professor, Astrid Lindgrens Barnsjukhus - Karolinska Institute

Thomas Sejersen (MD, PhD): Head of clinical and research team for neuromuscular disorders in childhood. He is involved in ENMC workshops on DMD and desmin-related myopathies.

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Volker Straub Volker Straub

Professor of Neuromuscular Genetics - Newcastle University

Professor Volker Straub is joint co-ordinator of TREAT-NMD, executive board member of the World Muscle Society and executive board member of the Institute of Human Genetics at Newcastle University.

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Peter Van den Bergh Peter Van den Bergh

Professor of Neurology - Universite Catholique de Louvain

Peter Van den Bergh is a neurologist, who is director of the Neuromuscular Reference Centre , of the EMG laboratory, and of the neuromuscular pathology laboratory, located at the Cliniques Universitaires St. Luc in Brussels.

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Thomas Voit Thomas Voit

Medical and Scientific Director - Institut de Myologie

Thomas currently holds the positions of Professor of Pediatrics (Professeurs des Universités –Praticien Hospitalier), Université Pierre et Marie Curie Paris VI, Scientific and Medical Director, Institut de Myologie, Groupe Hospitalier de la Pitié-Salpêtrière, Paris and Director, Mixed Research Unit UMR_S 974 UPMC-INSERM-CNRS-AIM.

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Carina Wallgren-Pettersson Carina Wallgren-Pettersson

Consultant in Medical Genetics, Principal Investigator, University Teacher - Helsingin yliopisto - University of Helsinki

Carina Wallgren-Pettersson, M.D., Co-Convenor of the ENMC  International Consortium on Nemaline Myopathy, Principal Investigator and Teacher at the Department of Medical Genetics, University of Helsinki and the Folkhälsan Research Centre, Head and Consultant in Medical Genetics at  the Folkhälsan Department of Medical Genetics, organiser of numerous international workshops on myotubular myopathy and nemaline myopathy as well as on other muscle disorders.

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